ICHST Dunedin 2025


We invite proposals for Commission-sponsored symposia that explore topics in the area of women, gender, and sexuality in history of science, technology, and/or medicine, and that engage with the theme, “Peoples, Places, Exchanges, and Circulation,” for the 27th ICHST to be held in Dunedin, New Zealand, 29 June to 5 July 2025. Proposed symposia may consist of one or more panels (sessions). Symposium organisers should use the proposal form located on the Congress website, indicating our Commission name on the form, and submit the proposal directly to the Congress organisers via email, dana@dafreiburger.org, by the 1 April 2024 deadline. For more instructions, visit the ICHST 2025 website at https://www.ichst2025.org/call-for-symposia-proposals. Please contact our Commission at mariaj.santesmases@cchs.csic.es to discuss proposal ideas and receive confirmation of Commission sponsorship.

Symposium organisers are encouraged to invite panelists for proposed symposium sessions through their networks and listservs, including the Commission’s listserv (by sending an email directly to cowgs@googlegroups.com).